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Music For Psychedelic Therapy


On the 14.09.20 we are going to deprecate Spotify Tool. We will remove the support and we will stop maintaining the tool. We might remove it completely in the future.

Don't worry! You can migrate to our other tools. Visit to find out more!

Welcome to Wavepaths's web application: A carefully curated list of music playlists and selection-guidelines for the use in psychedelic therapy.

In order to use this app:

  1. You must sign up to the service, or use your existing Wavepaths Virtual Experience account.
  2. Make sure that you have a valid Spotify Premium account
  3. Open Spotify on the device you want to use for playback
  4. Ensure you switch off "Autoplay" in the settings of Spotify
  5. Read the "How to use" section in the main menu